Why Tourism industry is moving to Progressive Web Apps?

There are many companies in the tourism sector (travel, hotels, transport, etc.) that are already taking on the challenge of updating their mobile strategy betting on Progressive Web Apps technology as a result of the many advantages it offers.

Progressive Web Apps or PWA, is a term for the next generation of mobile applications  They increase their functionality according to the capabilities of the device and browser in which they are executed and that is why they are progressive. In addition, PWAs are developed using web development standards such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, all this together with a new generation of JavaScript APIs, makes the result of these developments behave like native applications but through the use of web technologies.

It is clear then that the Progressive Web Apps are not a new technology but an important technological trend since the compatibility in the different platforms is getting bigger.

There are many advantages offered by Progressive Web Apps for the travel-based organizations,  developers and final users of these applications. The bottom line is native apps in this industry are not being downloaded, they are heavy and the performance many times not up to the speed of the customer.  Here are a few PWA advantages to consider.

Improved design compared to hybrid apps, PWA´s have improvements in performance and greater visibility.

Cost of development: Being developed under web technologies costs significantly less development since if you only have to build once for both platforms. iOS, Android

Visibility: Improved visibility and a greater commitment of users; saving time and money.

Usability:  The PWA executes on the web can be executed on any device which gives them the ability to adapt to the screen on which they are displayed.

Distribution: These applications are distributed as a web page through a URL by a browser and this is clearly a great advantage for Progressive Web Apps as they do not have to go through the App Store or Google Play for distribution.

Direct Updates: With a Progressive Web App, all updates are applied directly and users should not download any updates on their devices as it happens with native Apps.

Greater visibility;  simple promotion. As we have said before, PWAs are accessible from a URL which allows all the content created for a Progressive Web App to be indexable from the search engines.
Improved functionalities and increased conversion. PWAs allow developers to activate push notifications until now reserved for native apps. And not only on mobile devices but also on desktop.

There is no debate over the importance of mobile for travel companies. All competent web development teams build websites to be responsive these days, but you need to ask yourself is this sufficient to stand alone and meet the travel and engagement needs of travelers in today’s marketplace where experience and personalization are king. 

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