Wayfinding and the Omnichannel experience:
Solutions for better data, revenue, and customer convenience

As digital signage and touch screens continue to flourish through every industry. More and more modules are being introduced to complement the omnichannel solution. The goal is to create a comprehensive yet unique customer experience pre, during and post visit. Social UGC, eCommerce, advertising and itineraries are a few of the most common features, however Digital Wayfinding has also made its way to the top spot for guest and customer experience.

Customer Experience
Wayfinding provides an enhanced user experience by allowing instant familiarity to indoor and outdoor spaces. As with travelers and first-time guests, location awareness plays an important role in a more enjoyable stay. Together with the innovation of technology, this module has been upgraded to work with digital and touch screen devices. Through digital wayfinding, users can easily locate and identify location points while immersing in an interactive mapping experience. Apart from indoor positioning, some platforms allow 3D views with built-in smart algorithm to provide automatic routing for your chosen destination – which is more applicable for shorter routes.

Other features of digital wayfinding solutions are ADA routes, construction detours, route scheduling and descriptive pop-ups to provide comprehensive data on location points. From the user’s perspective, the indoor/outdoor wayfinding platform can really save energy, money and most importantly, time.

A key part of the digital wayfinding solution is to allow companies to focus on the data-driven information and get better customer intelligence, flow pattern etc. while integrating new ROI methodologies. From the facility’s and marketing point of view, this can enable Omnichannel management to customize their approach to each visitor or guest, whether it be safer and faster routes or new ways to provide information such as events and offers. Aesthetically, the maps can be designed and customized to follow branding guidelines and provides easier ways to manage maps and make changes instantly which then can be pushed digitally or printed.

Digital Wayfinding can easily be integrated with any digital devices inclusive of the mobile phone, interactive kiosk or website. Provide a new consistency to guest experience by providing better tools to navigate and get to the areas of interest. All the while, learning more about how people navigate your building or location while learning new ways to drive engagement and overall better customer experiences.

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