Tagged as one of the Best Surf Brands of 2017, Volcom continuously makes its name across the snowboarding, skating, surfing and even on casual clothing line vertical. Having started by Richard and Tucker in 1991, 27 years is never enough to voice their creativity across the globe.


As Volcom continuously create a wider range of apparel, they also aim to match the industry’s uprising technological advances for marketing and advertising. Volcom was looking to upgrade all their new stores with a digital experience, integrating with dynamic video, imagery and local social content.

Key goals:

  • Enhance customer experience by digitalizing content.
  • Create and boost brand awareness via Social Media accounts.
  • Integrate their CRM to work across all touchpoints.
  • Feature advertisements, new items and upcoming events.
  • Provide 24/7 support system.


Volcom and Omniexperience laid out video wall display and social strategy for each new store. With a goal to continue to evolve the digital customer experience through social, ecommerce and eventually kiosk and mobile engagement. The key of the solution is to provide real time visual content management tools to the marketing staff to provide highest impact of promotional brand and product information.

Core functionality:

  • Provided digital content integrated into all digital display units.
  • Implemented the chosen UGC content via Omni’s Social Wall extension on all devices.
  • Maximized cost efficiency by aggregating their content into Omni’s platform.
  • Included access to the Support team who handles remote and on-site support + 24/7 hotline