Visit Salt Lake

For the last five years, Utah’s travel and tourism sector have shown steady growth. Visitors from all around the globe have been buzzing about different Utah attractions and activities as they’ve been known for great hiking, skiing, camping, four-wheel-driving, slacklining and even indoor recreational centers.America’s Ski City, Salt Lake has proven to be more than just a weekend getaway for families as Cvent honored Utah in its top 50 cities for meetings and events.

Key Goals:

Salt Lake has to cater to more and more visitors as Utah as a whole draws in tourists, especially in 2019. The rise of unexpected visitor numbers highlighted the city’s need to look for an all-around solution that would cater to their visitors while helping minimize local admin and support tasks. With this, VSLC decided to remodel their visitor center and drive more digital engagement solutions for both visitors and attendees in conjunction to utilizing mobile kiosks to capture better data on visitors and ensure new connections for their stakeholder.The city envisioned the following solutions:

  • Interactive solutions with real-time listings and events
  • Easy share things to do, what’s nearby
  • Better ways to gather better visitor data
  • Staff and Visitor planning tools
  • Raise brand awareness by social integrations
  • Integrate AI and chatbots’ solutions connecting web and in-destination services
  • Easy integration with current CMS and CRM system
  • Drive additional revenue through ads and ticketing


Omniexperience worked with Salt Lake City to implement easy to connect API’s to the Omnichannel platform to extend out next-generation touchpoints to their existing systems including Simpleview CRM, Crowdriff, and upcoming AI/Chatbot system. With this integration, VSLC will deploy Digital signage/Videowalls and Kiosk/Touch devices – including Apple Mobile application built for local information, itinerary building and restaurant reservations. The solution will also include mobile Kiosks for Ski conferences and new ways to extend out rich and real-time information and branding on a global basis. Some of the major and highlighted functionalities available across all these devices:

Core Functionality:

  • Showcase local listings, what to do’s, what’s nearby and events –
  • Integration with CRM, CMS and Analytic systems; allowing easy back end access and data management
  • Real-time analytics – immensely collect visitor’s preferences based on touchpoints and time spent on each unit.
  • Guestbook and Survey to drive deeper data and information sets.
  • Increased brand and social awareness by integration of UGC and social marketing
  • Platform’s availability to integrate local chatbot system – AtlasRTX
  • Revenue generation through advertising options on all touch, mobile and digital devices
  • Restaurant reservation made easy through OpenTable integration
  • Translation services for growing international visitors
  • Remote and on-site Installation, Design and Support assistance 24/7