Threshold 360

From Headquartered in Tampa, Threshold360 has been working across 19 countries with about 150,000 stored library locations. Founded in 2013, the company has been known to provide extensive virtual tour to guests and travelers. Recent research shows that dynamic and interactive content drives over 30% more engagement within any connection and content interaction. Venues, hotels and more can increase clickthrough’s and even bookings by 27%.

As an omnichannel interactive solution provider, OMNIEXPERIENCE is constantly evolving the points of connection and ways to drive visitor, customer and guest experience. The partnership with Threshold is the next generation of content to drive value for both users and the business we support.
With this solution, you can easily add dynamic content to any product we offer, Kiosk, Mobile and Digital Signage. Help customer navigate allow them to explore and put the power of engagement with your users and power of learning in your analytics.

  • 360 Content that allows users to see venues and explore through any device
  • Integrate to any listing CRM or Database to connect your listings and stakeholders to interactive videos
  • Extend Google Streets content indoor, providing more dynamic opportunities
  • Push content by location to allow members and partners to differentiate
  • Drive more revenue by value added services for both members and advertising partners
  • Continue to expand your video content by provide interactive connection points

San Francisco was the perfect starting point for our partnership, allowing us to explore both the Omnichannel, online connection and visitor services content for anyone going through the Moscone Center. We continue to evolve our products on behalf of our customers and our passion for visitor experience. Threshold shares this same passion for what they do, and we are excited to be a strategic partner with them and our destination and hotel customers.