Technician Kiosk Installation Checklist

Technician Kiosk Installation Checklist

  • Omniex Tech:

    Anthony Tran 602-750-8911 [email protected]

    Omniex Contact:

    Susan Marotta 602-300-5368 [email protected]

    Omniex Support:

    Omniex Support: Steve Diaz 833-300-6664 x2 [email protected]

  • Omniexperience Process

    • You represent Omniexperience, no reference to your company should ever be made
    • Check all hardware, document any defects, serial numbers
    • Contact Omniexperience for final approval
    • Have the customer sign off on customer checklist
      • Document any issues
    • Upload photos
      • Each product
        • Close up
        • 10 ft away
        • Boxes (in case product is DOA)
        • Serial # for each displays
  • Hardware Information

    • Prior to unboxing the hardware, take photos of all display boxes (in case we have a DOA, vendor needs photos of boxes)
    • Document all part #s and serial #
  • List all Hardware

  • Hardware

  • Touchscreen Kiosk Installation

  • Verify the following:

  • Drop files here or