St.Petersburg Clearwater

Hailed as the No. 1 beach in the US in 2016, 2018 and 2019 by TripAdvisor, St. Petersburg Clearwater holds millions of votes for their outstanding and world-class attractions and services. Their international airport is on the west shoreline of Tampa Bay. Opened since 1903, it’s much less crowded than Tampa, and focuses on the smaller low cost carriers, as well as private and military jets that tagged it as one of the top airports in Florida.

Key goals:

Apart from the growing domestic visitors, this January, St. Pete Clearwater International Airport had an 8% passenger traffic increase versus the same time last year. This raised a need to manage and collect customer’s data as accurate as possible for better reporting and analytics. With that said, St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport needed a solution that would:

  • Provide their visitors jumpstart information of St Pete Clearwater
  • Showcase an Interactive map and fun things to do in St Pete
  • Provide better people count and analytics
  • Connect their UGC Content and have extended social media connection
  • Photobooth and other fun ways to tell your family you have arrived


Omniexperience provided a full seamless kiosk solution that aims to welcome visitors and drive better engagement on the destination. With our OmniPlatform, we easily integrated St Pete’s website data ensuring the freshest content to refect onthe kiosk and other touch and digital devices. Since the St. Pete Clearwater International Airport is one of the busiest parts of the metro, they looked for key high traffic area that serves multiple purposes.

Here are some highlights to our implemented solution:

  • Provide information on the nearest museums, restaurants, pubs, beaches and local shops.
  • Access to the latest events and listings, guestbook and surveys.
  • Real time data capture, people count and analytics.
  • Photo booth allowing visitors to share the start of their experience through email and social
  • 24/7 Customer and technical assistance, remote and on-site action.