Sioux Falls App

If you want to see South Dakota’s most special city, you would want to visit Sioux Falls. From their breathtaking Falls Park, all the way to the Downtown’s Sculpture walk, Visit Sioux falls offers basically everything from A-Z. Explore their history through their renowned museums or stroll through their famous Butterfly House and Japanese Gardens.

Key Goals:

Everyone is now exploring the option to go touchless and Visit Sioux Falls and their local brewers are no different. They key is to inspire, educate, and engage visitors especially the ones who love adult beverages. To do this the ideas of ease of use and convenience is key, ensuring that users don’t have to download apps and waste valuable phone space to have a great digital experience from any type of device. Key to the app:

  • Be able to use the existing app without requiring their visitors to download the native app (iOs and Android)
  • Implement the same Ale trail functionalities that would enable rewards and coupons
  • Itinerary Building, to help visitors explore and organize their agenda
  • Featured listings such as places, nightlife, attractions, and restaurants nearby
  • Easily share social experiences and connect to local and visitor groups
  • Engage new branding and integrate new CMS system


OMNIEXPERIENCE had originally built Visit Sioux Falls’ native apps for iOS and Android. It worked greatly but Sioux wanted to take this mobile solution to the next level by shifting to Progressive Web Apps. OMNIEXPERIENCE replicated and improved all app functionality to a browser-based tool ensuring that their visions for this implementation is followed.

Core Functionality:

  • Immensely reduced the size of download by almost 70% without having to worry on any updates – this happens automatically!
  • Allows visitors to use Ale Trail functionalities featuring the new ‘BrewFalls Craft Beer Adventure’ this 2020.
  • Itinerary Builder feature called ‘Trip Planner’ allowing future and current visitors to plan their visit ahead of time.
  • Integration with the current CMS to ensure all features are displayed real-time – this includes places, restaurants, attractions and many other things to do nearby
  • UGC via Social wall, allowing visitors to explore and share all their on-site images through hashtags; shareable through different social media channels.