Sarasota Bradenton Airport

The Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport, covering a total of 1,100 acres, has served over 1.18 Million passengers and had 103,000+ aircraft movements in 2013. The airport’s economic impact helped land over 11,000 jobs generating over $962million.

Key Goals:

Sarasota reported an unexpected increase of fliers last July, in comparison to June 2020. That’s 18% increase – 52,845 passengers in June vs 62,405 in July. As we all move to the new normal, Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport also wanted update their digital signage platform to promote safety and frictionless engagement while still allowing passengers to be fully informed on flight information. Here are some of the changes they are looking to do:

  • Be able to Use existing hardware – videowalls and digital display
  • Provide new digital advertising options to drive more revenue
  • Integrate with their current CMS, for more updated travel information
  • Easy management by marketing and airport staf
  • Ensure ability to implement interactive content as Phase II


OMNIEXPERIENCE was able to provide a compelling solution to ensure all existing hardware was utilized while providing a richer interface and more options for driving advertising revenue. In order to match the Sarasota-Bradenton’s vision, we aligned key digital modules through our OmniPlatform. Through this software implementation, OmniExperience will be empowering all their 14 existing displays and 6 video walls. OmniExperience focused on solving the key goals by implementing the following:

Core Functionality:

  • Interconnect all 20 existing devices into one customer interface platform – OmniPlatform
  • Easily update content from the backend
  • Integrate into existing airport systems for arrival and departure info
  • Provide new ways of mapping and weather information
  • Integrate with travel CRM, Miles Data Engine for automatic updates
  • UGC Integration to enhance current social media initiatives
  • API Integration to show Live Airport information 24×7
  • New and increased Revenue-generating options through Omni Advertising
  • 24/7 remote support and on-site assistance per request