Sanibel Captiva

Located in the west of Fort Myers, Florida, lies the beautiful island of Sanibel and Captiva. Tagged as the #1 attraction in Sanibel Florida by Trip Advisor, #1 Tourist destination by Frommer’s Travel guide and one of the Top 10 Best Florida Beach Towns, by USA Today, this island provides the perfect vacation spot for romantic getaways and even for the whole family.


Convert a traditional visitor center to a new digital experience. Increase advertising
revenue to pay for investment and going forward. Bringing in new digital content,social and online engagement to the Visitor Center

Key goals:

  • Enhance the next generation visitor experience by digitalizing content.
  • Increase visitor information while reducing paper usage.
  • Maximize potential revenue generation through the visitor space.
  • Integrate current CMS with new touchpoint devices.
  • Reach a wider audience range via social media channels.
  • Increase data capture and understanding of Visitors coming the center.


Omniexperience worked from the ground up on the design and renovation of the old visitor center’s technology. The implementation involved replacement of old lightboxes with 27 total displays, 2 video walls and 4 touchscreen Kiosks. Backed up by Omni Data solutions for easy CMS integration, Sanibel-Captiva’s visitor center is now giving a more actionable and personalized experience to every visitor.

Core functionality:

  • Integrated platform – easily consuming and managing existing data.
  • Advertising Network for managing ads and information.
  • Visitor Experience – custom mapping, itinerary building and event listings.
  • Omni Social – allowing integration of UGC platform,hashtags and social network, for creative engagement.
  • Touch Experience and sharing – allow tools for both staff and visitors to create a personalize experienced.
  • Mobile – easily share and engage directly to Visitors Smart phones.
  • Kiolytics – real time behavioral analytics, people count and demographic recognition.