San Francisco Travel serves around 25 Million+ visitors per year. They aim to set the bar in technology and visitor engagement, utilizing new ways to engage and provide convenience for visitors. OmniExperience and Revel worked with San Francisco Travel to build an integrated Kiosk and Mobile e-Commerce solution for local tickets and transportation with robust functionalities that would:


In order to compete with rapidly changing technology and the expectations of the next generation of traveler, San Francisco needed to find a solution that integrated to current internal technologies and provided turnkey options.

With the new Moscone Visitor Center, the goals was to increase digital experience through Kiosk and Video Wall while connecting with visitors through mobile devices. Integrating transportation, sharable information, itinerary, advertising and kiosk based ticketing

Key goals:

  • Boost convenience and drive sales for local ticketing.
  • Educate travelers and guests about destination options, tours and more.
  • Provide attraction video, imagery and more.
  • Integrate social and local event information.
  • Provide real-time analytics to marketing staff and stakeholders.
  • 24×7 Monitoring and Support.


We introduced the industry’s first e-Commerce system made especially for Travel and built for the Omnichannel.

A full e-Commerce Revel solution for kiosk and mobile applications. This integration converts Revel’s Point of Sale (POS) to a product-based e-Commerce solution, that caters to attraction-based ticketing, as well as souvenirs and actual physical goods, on-site. Here are some of the highlighted features of our partnership

Core functionality:

  • Integration with Omni Platform, Revel and FreedomPay for a more unique experience.
  • Omnichannel Solution – full solution accessible across different touch devices, inclusive of Kiosk and Mobile devices.
  • Kiolytics – our custom 1st Party analytic system providing real-time statistics and extensive reporting.
  • Media – Video and imagery with suggestions for easy browsing and purchasing 24/7 Remote Technical Support assistance and on-site technical visits, if applicable.

Visitor Experience

Social Content

Generate Ad Revenue

Data Capture