Promoting your Workplace’s Safety Through Technology and More

The spread of the infection as we all know does not show obvious symptoms, which means there had to be a lot of tracking to see who has been exposed to sick employees. And these companies, organizations, or facilities will have to face the consequences of having to work with the public health authorities to implement the proper resolution, identifying all the suspected ill employees, and also possibly shutting down. The World Health Organization and the Center for Disease and Control have provided global recommendations to ensure we all observe proper preventive measures as different workplaces and organizations reopen their facilities again.

Now, things are slowly regaining momentum and businesses start to reopen again – travel destinations, hotels, retail, and quick-service restaurants. We must learn several important key points that can help gain control in reopening these destinations/businesses. Let us start to understand what the new workplace safety measures are as well as the role of technology in making the return as safe as possible.

  1. Enhanced Sanitation – this is definitely going to be implemented by everyone as we transition to this new normal. What used to be the normal cleaning procedures are now probably just one of 3 or more. With the need to not just clean but also disinfect, returning to our workplace requires extra attention unlike before.
    1. UV cleaning tools – using UV for different workplace devices can help eliminate bacteria and viruses. Alex Berezow, a microbiologist conducted research showing that the usage of UV light is lethal to bacteria because of its high frequency. Note that UV light should not be used directly on the hands or our skin as it may cause irritation (and can damage your eyes!)
  2. Implementation of new Technologies
    1. Thermal Scanning and Mask Detection Kiosks – one that’s been booming right now are the existence of temperature and mask detection kiosks. This is where employees can just lineup while observing social distancing and have their selves scanned through the kiosk’s thermal sensor. No need for manual inspection through hand-held thermal scanners, protecting both the employee and the staff conducting the scan. But when choosing the best temp and mask detection kiosk, look for something that would still work based on your company’s needs even after this pandemic. Some kiosks work multipurpose and can easily be programmed to offer different modules such as featuring your website’s listings, advertising options, and more!
    2. Touchless access – Some other new technologies can be used to allow a lesser human to human contact such as gaining access to different parts of the establishments without touching knows or doors through tapping badges. Another one is the ability to print documents through touchless printing mobile apps. With the help of the QR Code, employees can print documents by just having their mobile phones scanned, easy, and safe!
    3. Contact tracing software – The use of contact tracing software offers not just tracking possible infected employees but also provides greater transparency, along with real-time notifications and social distance alerts for users within the premise.
  3. Virtual training – whether this is for new hires or upskill, reduce the risk by moving everyone away from crowded training. Use digital employee platforms or portals to conduct this training. Some platforms offer more than virtual meeting or training rooms but also the ability to upload necessary modules, videos, etc. Ensure your employees are always updated with the newest policies and procedures through an integrated platform that can be easily updated from the backend anytime.
  4. Enhanced Employee-Employer communication through Progressive Web apps or Staff Connect modules – find an easy and professional tool to communicate with your staff even if they leave their desks via Staff connect. Easily assign delegate tasks or simply contact them in real-time.

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