Custom Designed Kiosk Applications

Built with industry-specific modules for integration into any hardware format through SDK and Cloud-based tools.

Data Integration

Dynamic integration and update features to any CRM or CMS system.

Interactive Mapping

From City, Transportation to On-Property mapping and wayfinding with integrated tools for easy map management, updates and changes.

Revenue generation

Built in Ad management, Ticketing and eCommerce tools to ensure a Point of Sale and Convenience to extend out 24×7 shopping and experiences.


Integrated tools to extend social messaging and local engagement across touch-based and photo interactive solutions.

Captured and Personalized Data

Surveys, Polls, Gamification and more ways to capture and learn more about your customers and visitors. Personalized login experiences that serve and share customer-centric content.

Kiosk and Touch Analytics

First part and first of its kind integrated analytics system specifically built for Kiosks and Touchscreens providing Behavior tracking, Facial Recognition, People Count and Custom Built Smart Cities tools.


Custom built for our Vertical/Market software applications both Indoor or Outdoor.Modern design, color and built for existing or new environments. 5-year Warranty, Easy installation and support come with all our units. Many sizes and options available, from tablet tops, malls, lobbies and high traffic outdoor areas.Integrated ticketing, commerce, camera, two-way communication security and more.


Our Latest Work