OmniExperience launches OmniConnect, a SaaS based video conferencing, IM and notification solution via the Microsoft Cloud

Scottsdale, AZ. – October 5th, 2020 – OmniExperience, a Scottsdale, AZ-based omnichannel software company, announces its newest communication network built into the OmniPlatform and OmniHealth solutions. OmniConnect is a module that allows integration of video conferencing, instant messaging, notifications and alerts to any device at any time.  Utilizing the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and allowing customers to implement multiple types of communication completely device agnostic.

OmniConnect now brings next generation of contactless solutions across any device including Mobile, Interactive Kiosk, Digital Signage and Web.    Customers can utilize the system as a replacement of solutions like Zoom or to connect into new types of devices.    With top level security and HIPPA compliance integrated into OmniConnect, customers can access and connect to anything from virtual employees to medical records and do it a safe and encrypted environment.

Connecting to existing systems, is a key feature which allows customers to use existing CRM, CMS and other data areas to simultaneously provide the right information to employees while providing all types of virtual communication.   With easy to customize access systems, now employees and customers alike have the freedom to use the channel that best suits their needs.

“Human connection matters more than ever in the age of digital communication along with dealing with health and safety concerns.  OmniConnect was built to provide customers easy ways to increase face to face communication, as well as open all channels through any device.  We understand customers want to connect how they want on whatever device, and as well sometimes see a human face to get their questions answered now with this new module, they can do it securely, safely and for half the cost”. said Douglas Ralston, CEO of OmniExperience.

OmniConnect, can tailor-fit your responses by addressing your user’s needs through live staff or customer service. Continuously create that human connection while following safety and health protocols such as lessening in-person interactions and maintaining social distancing.

About OmniExperience:

OmniExperience is a progressive SaaS-based digital experience solution provider, focused on new ways to communicate both virtually and on property. By utilizing the OmniPlatform organizations can extend self-service and new frictionless ways for customers to engage driving revenue, convenience, efficiency and new health and safety options across their organization and the omnichannel.   visit