Meet LA

Being one of the world’s premier destinations,the demand for visitation is high in Los Angeles – whether it is for tourism or business purposes. Since LA is one of the top places for professionals to conduct business meetings and presentations, the tourism and convention board looked for a convenient yet holistic approach to provide options.

Key Goals:

Teaming up with OMNIEXPERIENCE in 2017, the MEET LA App was launched during the Convening Leaders conference in Austin, Texas. The application was made to be easily accessed on two major mobile platforms – iOS and Android. Along with it’s easy to use interface, here are some of the apps’ main functionalities. Users can:

  • View the virtual travel platform, 360 content,and imagery.
  • Identify suitable venues for business events or conferences around the neighborhood.
  • Check the city-wide calendar of events.
  • See reference photos and insightful videos of rooms and references.
  • View specifications such as the location’s size, number of rooms, and capacities.
  • Contact LA tourism sales staff for any other inquiries or questions.


Darren Green, the Senior Vice President of Sales for LA Tourism remarked that they have received very good feedback during the sales team kick-off, as the app drives better engagement for the local venues and meetings. “We know that more than two-thirds of people own a smartphone and we’ve heightened the app’s multimedia features to make it as comprehensive as possible to ensure maximum engagement. Whether it’s our immersive 360-degree virtual tours to insightful videos that showcase L.A.’s distinct neighborhoods and hotels, planners can quickly learn about Los Angeles as a meeting destination from the palm of their hand”, he added.

Core functionality:

  • Interactive content to show off destination and venues.
  • Easy search by size, location and meeting attributes.
  • Reach out to convention sales staff,schedule a meeting.
  • Integrated filtering for restaurants and more.
  • Google DFG advertising integration.
  • Notifications and proximity-based marketing.