Easily integrate robust applications into any existing hardware solution. With custom built applications for Retail, eCommerce, Food Ordering, Informational, Transportation and more.The first built ecosystem that lets you integrate into Windows, Android or iOS and use any type of media player. Utilize your knowledge of hardware and expectations and let us provide you with solutions you can easily demo or deploy for clients to sell more hardware or show off what you can do.


  • Pre-Built and Custom-built software solutions for demos and implementations.
  • Interactive solutions that extend feature and functionality.
  • Integrate to chipsets, pc’s and onboard processing.
  • eCommerce integrated solutions ordering and processing.
  • Imagery, Video and custom applications.
  • Advertising, ticketing and easy revenue building programs.
  • Integrate existing data, content and systems into central platform.
  • Provide a central platform point for managing data and commerce systems.


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