Food Service


In our quest for hunger, we understood early on the power of digital experiences inside restaurants. We also understand the way customers engage with restaurants is changing. By providing customer-focused digital display and touch solutions both in-store and through personal devices, we could see dramatic increases revenue and return visits.

We built our practice specifically focused on the food experience and the understanding of how to engage with customers by providing digital convenience. By giving customers new ways to visualize and connect with the food they love rich imagery, social interaction and a deeper understanding of experience.


  • Theme based Digital Menu boards that allow integration of imagery, video and social.
  • Focused touch experience that allows personal device and in-store touchscreen products to provide consistent experiences.
  • Cloud-based management for software and hardware support.
  • Utilize existing customer CRM, CMS and eCommerce systems.
  • Integrated Social wall and Social management platform.
  • Develop unique personalized Mobile Applications that reward and inform.
  • Provide a central platform point for managing data and commerce systems.


Our Latest Work