The great Pine Tree state is not only known for their iconic lighthouses and lobsters, but also their wild uncharted expanses and cruises all tailor-made for great family vacations. 2018 had been a strong tourist year increasing lodging, cruise line and campground bookings. With a 3,748-mile coastline, summer seems to be the strongest time of the year as both sight-seeing, kayaking, wind jamming, and nature exploration tops their visitor’s itineraries.

Key Goals:

To improve the visitor center experience and update a more digital presence to its key visitor centers, Maine Tourism decided to seek Omnichannel solution on 3 out of their 7 visitor centers: Hampden, Kittery and Yarmouth. Some of the features that they were looking to implement are:

  • Integration with their current CRM including data capture.
  • Interactive features such as mapping and guestbook.
  • Revenue generation by integrated video and advertisements.
  • Gather visitor’s data for analytics and surveys.
  • UGC for better media awareness and localized content.
  • Cloud based system for easy real-time updates.


OMNIEXPERIENCE teamed up with Maine to implement a robust interactive and digital signage solution to engage with their visitor needs. The key solution is to provide a unique visitor experience while allowing visitor center to focus on greater tasks completed simultaneously – with digital connection to engage, save time, and increase marketing presence

Core functionality:

  • Full integration with Simpleview CRM and CMS.
  • Integrated listings, Events and real time local information .
  • Interactive mapping and connection to weather and local information.
  • Opportunities to increase revenue and member awareness through Digital Signage.
  • Integrated Omni Social platform for UGC and hashtag engagement.
  • Real time analytics through Omni – Kiolytics – platform.
  • Installation, Support and 24/7 remote assistance.