With over $25 Billion sales in 2017, Macy’s has proven to be one of the top companies in the United States. Macy’s retail started with dry goods and then later on launched several spectacle including Cultural, botanical and community. Hailed as the Department Store of the year in 2016, Macy’s continue to expand along with Bloomingdale’s and now about 690 stores and counting.

Key Goals

With noticeable increase in number of customers, Macy’s would like to improve its digital connection points within destination marketing. Goal is to provide better digital tools for travelers to experience the destination and its stores. Engaging visitors to become shoppers through couponing and connection to its mobile initiatives. Core to this is replacing all outdated equipment and installing next generation Kiosks to build a foundation to its tourism marketing initiatives.

  • Maximize destination information to drive visitor experience
  • Interactive mapping and transportation options (including local ticketing in some locations)
  • Provide coupons and deals via interactive kiosks
  • Real-time customer analytics
  • Maximize revenue and awareness of in-store kiosks by allowing advertising options


Omniexperience and Macys’ partners to provide the next generations of touchscreen Kiosks built with integrated local content, events, interactive mapping and couponing. Replacing outdated software and hardware to ensure a foundational structure to their tourism strategy. An organized program nationwide of conversion, upgrading and hardware installation managed and support through Omni, with core goal of helping and learning more about how visitors engage at the store and tourism level

Core functionality:

  • Replaced old hardware with modern, sleek-designed, next generation kiosks
  • Provided robust cloud based software solution for easy content management
  • Next generation revenue management through couponing and advertising
  • Integrated destination content that auto-updates daily
  • Interactive mapping and sharing to allow ease of navigation
  • Real time analytics on engagement and sharing
  • 24/7 monitoring and support



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