Laguna Beach

Adjacent to the Pacific Ocean Laguna Beach can be found in the heart of Orange County. From snorkeling to surfing, hiking or special-boutique-shopping, Laguna Beach has it. This all-year round destination is oozing with tourist attractions and festivals meant for any age. Known for their great art museums, Laguna Beach is the perfect place to explore and rediscover different activities while enjoying their dazzling heritage.

Key Goals:

Laguna went through a new branding and wanted to update their existing app to capitalize on existing local user base as well as introduce advanced new features. In conjunction with the City of Laguna, the goal was adding in new technology to reduce traffic while providing convenience to visitors. By looking at mobile technology that hooked into existing transportation and destination information, we were able to build a long-term strategy for Laguna and surrounding areas.

  • Provide a branded robust mobile solution for Android and iOS.
  • Integrate with Simpleview and new IDSS systems for easy updates.
  • Drive more local and visitor engagement with next generation features.
  • Interactive mapping and even parking features.
  • Local weather and surf reports for easy navigation of local outdoors and beaches.
  • Real time analytics and reports to understand how visitors navigate the destination.


We worked closely with Laguna Beach to build a fully integrated Trolley Tracker system for visitors and locals to easily track and find local transportation. With the addition of a city parking app the app continues to provide advanced mobile navigation and communication. As well integrated all listings and local information, survey reports, coupons and deals and more that drive convenience, savings and sustainability. Some of the core features of the solution.

Core functionality:

  • Trolley tracker and localized parking information in real time.
  • Integrated mapping for local navigation and wayfinding.
  • Simpleview and IDSS integration for CRM and CMS connectivity.
  • iOS and Android integrated features through app store and coming soon web.
  • Integrated coupon and local active card for connecting with locale merchants.
  • Events and real time updates including RSVP through Open Table.
  • Trip Advisor ratings and review .
  • UGC content integration via Omni Social, for daily post .