How to Embrace the Omnichannel Strategy in the Travel and Hospitality Industry

Finally, Travel and Hospitality are starting to understand and embrace the omnichannel.  For those of you still not clear on omnichannel is the ability to connect with your visitors and guests, through whatever device and channel the consumers desire to use. Of course, there are moving parts here to doing this properly, however, it is possible to utilize your existing investments to accomplish your goals. The key about the omnichannel is that it is directly involved in the new normal of engagement, interactivity, and connecting with your customers with the tools and services they desire.

Here are some key ways to avoid the gaps of omnichannel, remember that the following is what you should aim to accomplish:

  • Bridging offline, Concierge services, Visitor services, and online engagement journeys — aiming to connect with consumers seamlessly to help keep them on the path of engagement and ensuring purchase selections/recommendations are in line with preference
  • Offering consistent brand experiences in all touchpoints of traveler engagement, including social media, email marketing, mobile, websites, visitor services, digital signage marketing, and all other avenues of communication is key to long term brand connection
  • Recognizing that online planning and information can support in-destination experiences, by ensuring simple conveniences are addressed, with ways to engage through mobile, connecting local businesses, coupons, and products that align and easily convert for the visitor or guest
  • Identifying the right avenues of omnichannel for your unique destination or hotel — Understanding how people move through your destination, and what areas that can connect to an online experience as well as what tools will help them feel safe and supported to have the best experience possible
  • Use data to help improve the experience and personalize approach, when looking at omnichannel you have an opportunity to collect new points of data use this to shape how you build your strategies for In Destination or on Property engagement

To bring this together for our travelers and this industry, we must think of how visitors and the community look at our organizations, how we drive real measurable value, and finally how to connect our brand to the new normal.

“What we recognize with the best brands in retail is that their success and popularity come from a consistent experience across devices, platforms, and mediums,” says Camilla Ley Valentin, CCO, and co-founder of Queue-it,

What this means for Travel and Hotel’s is that consistency of experience, information and access needs to connect online, mobile, digital experiences with the places we visit and stay.

Expanding on this, founder and CEO of POS company Lightspeed Dax Dasilva offer this final piece of advice for those still wondering if omnichannel is the right strategy for them: “An omnichannel approach is crucial for retail success, allowing businesses to meet their customer at any time, on any device, anywhere in the world.”

Connecting customers at any time, through any device, anywhere in the world? Now that’s something worth working towards. 

If you have questions or are looking for ways to implement an Omnichannel solution for your hotel or your destination, feel free to contact us at 833-300-6664 or email us at [email protected].