A new line of modular, sleek and small foot print kiosks envisioned by our founder, designed and built in the US & Mexico. This aspiring line of next generation Kiosk transforms the idea of efficient design and easy deployment to engage your visitors, guests and customers. Modular in nature and built to easily attach devices for eCommerce, Ticketing, Reservations, Room key replacement, Printing, Bluetooth and much more.

Cosmic I

The great communicator built for indoor or outdoor, with easy modular design to add on displays or any other modules to get the most out of high traffic areas.

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Gemini I

Built for connecting devices and peripherals for Hotels, Lobbies or Retail areas. Easily provide automated hotel keys, ticketing and printing function with its bolt on configuration.

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Quantum II

Aspiring design, imagined by our founder to allow sleek engagement with unique aesthetic and small footprint.

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Cosmic II

Endless Aisle designed to fit into any space. Compliment sales & flow patterns in retail locations or areas were you need a big impact, but a small foot print to monetize your space.

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Qbert I

Built for both Indoor and Outdoor usage, Qbert I is designed to attract and engage in modern architecture on open areas. Dual sided capable with advanced communication and engagement options through Mobile and Bluetooth.

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Leo I

Built for easy order taking in QSR, or eCommerce locations. It allows customers to easily order and move through the customer journey process. Compliments any retail location and sells 24×7, 365 days a year.

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Digital Display

Video Walls