Omni Staff Connect

Omni Staff Connect

A cloud and app-based solution that allows you and your guests to utilize text messaging, voice and video conferencing to efficiently orchestrate the entire guest and visitor experience via mobile and touchscreen solutions.Staff members can use personal devices by simply downloading the Customized Staff Connect app, you control the communication details directly through the cloud base portal.It’s easy, affordable and drives increased customer satisfaction.

Cloud-based Management

Easy to use management platform that lets you coordinate room or area assignments to staff, as well as document specific times of communication.Build simple reports that show interaction between guests and staff, duration of communication and resolution of request or issue.

App Integration

Easily integrated into any existing or OMNI built application through SDK’s and API documentation.We provide instant communication through existing staff mobile devices and directly through any native built mobile app.

Text, Voice and Video Conferencing

Utilize Instant messaging to communicate between guest, visitor, and staff.With integrated communication option that allows tap to call direct to department or individual as well.Integration option for SKYPE, Zoom or Go to Meeting.

Report a problem

Provide easy options to check in with guests or visitors by location or time of day.Send them easy to respond to questions or give them the ability to report a problem so you can be responsive.

Surveys and Polls

Send guest quick surveys or have them rate an experience.Let them connect directly with you and provide easy ways to manage social media connections.Increase your understanding and personalize current and future experiences


Be able to provide an understanding of guest communication and your staff’s interaction.Be able to provide reports on issue resolution or responsiveness.Drive traffic to your app and provide a better connection between personalization and behavior activity.