Omni Photo Booth


Interactive and integrated kiosk-based photobooth.

A fun and advanced photobooth option for Kiosk and Mobile. Provide fun ways to build personalized pictures and share experiences for travelers and guests.
The Omni Photobooth is customized to your destination or property with branded frames, emojis and effects. Drive data capture and have fun with your guest, by sharing experiences through email, text or social.

All your Solutions Connected

Snap photos

& share with friends and family
through social, email or text.

Branded for destination

with personalized frames
and backdrops.


your picture with
filters and AR features, drive fun and engagement with every photo.

Learn more about your
travelers and guests with
integrated data capture.

Provide integrated surveys
or questions to engage users
and increase direct feedback.

Custom Designed





Easily integrate your marketing strategy

Integrate your Photobooth and Social Strategy

  • Integrate custom designs and provide fun ways for travelers and guests to share.
  • Integrate your photo sharing with your social UGC strategy for real time connections with events.
  • Build data and profiles to learn more about users and what they want and love to do.
  • Integrate into any of our hardware offerings, Kiosk Wall mount, Standing or Tablet based Kiosks.
  • Easily customize by time of year or campaign, take on the road with you to drive traffic to your booths and sales conferences.
  • Omniexperience, Your Business Ally

    Through sensory and interactive solutions, we focus on the ‘One-to-One’ relationship that helps your customer identify with your brand. We do this with the core idea that, consistent and unique experiences connect and inspire customers.
    We connect your systems through our Omnichannel platform, to provide easy integrated, centralized software and hardware solutions on property and in-destination.

    Platform, Kiosk, Digital Display, Mobile Apps/ PWA, Hardware and Integrations.

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