Provide graphical interface to manage flow of chat conversation

OmniPlatform integrates with Google AI to provide graphical interface to manage flow of chat conversation. This system can process the input provided by users and extract meaning/context for your travelers and customers. Come see the new ways Mobile and Kiosk can engage and improve your visitor experience.

All your Solutions Connected


Online and Voice based chats including Google assistant and Amazon Alexa.


Integrated messaging platforms: Facebook, Skype,Twitter, Telegram, Line, Kik, Slack, Amazon Alexa, etc.


Assisted integration and layout of chat bot effectiveness based on messaging and convenience you want to offer to travelers and guests.


Integration into Kiosk, Mobile and Web provides new ways to engage and share information instantly and virtually.

Custom Designed





Easily integrate your marketing strategy

Automated AI chatbot experience

  • Integrate automated responses and drive easy Q&A for travelers.
  • Improve response times and information when you need it.
  • Connect FAQ’s and things most travelers as about in a fun to use experience.
  • Transform your Mobile and Kiosk experience by providing a deeper data search.
  • Omniexperience, Your Business Ally

    Through sensory and interactive solutions, we focus on the ‘One-to-One’ relationship that helps your customer identify with your brand. We do this with the core idea that, consistent and unique experiences connect and inspire customers.
    We connect your systems through our Omnichannel platform, to provide easy integrated, centralized software and hardware solutions on property and in-destination.

    Platform, Kiosk, Digital Display, Mobile Apps/ PWA, Hardware and Integrations.

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