Omni Social

Omni Social

Integrate any social UGC engine across the omnichannel,
providing robust engaging social imagery and connection points.

Omni Social, provides 1st and 3rd party options, for an affordable global UGC aggregation engine look no further click here. If you have existing systems from Crowdriff and Stackla any many others. We can create custom designs and connections through Web. Mobile. Kiosk and Digital Signage.

Social And UGC Connected

Integrated UGC post curation and management.

Rights approval and management.

Integrated influencers module for tracking and connecting with fans.

Omnichannel Works across Kiosk,Mobile and Web.

Ad Network and ticketing integration to social boards.

Custom Designed





Easily integrate your marketing strategy

Key social engagement starts here

  • Integrate to existing systems or our robust Omni Social Product.
  • Provide custom designed and branding social walls.
  • Integrates with Web. Mobile. Kiosk. Digital Signage.
  • Connect Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with beautiful design.
  • Provide instant interaction with guest, customers and visitors.

Omniexperience, Your Business Ally

Through sensory and interactive solutions, we focus on the ‘One-to-One’ relationship that helps your customer identify with your brand. We do this with the core idea that, consistent and unique experiences connect and inspire customers.
We connect your systems through our Omnichannel platform, to provide easy integrated, centralized software and hardware solutions on property and in-destination.

Platform, Kiosk, Digital Display, Mobile Apps/ PWA, Hardware and Integrations.

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