Omni Profiles

Omni Profiles

Connecting data sets from CRM, CMS, PMS and PoS to a centralized location providing deeper points of personalized connections

Omni Profiles consolidating data from CRM, CMS, PMS and PoS, is difficult. Most systems do not talk and the data they have are not connected providing little detail on existing customers. OmniProfiles helps solve this problem by providing a connection point that can consume and associate all data points into clear and accurate profiles of your customers, travelers and guests.

Your Data Connected

Connecting your Existing systems

From Oracle to Salesforce, OmniData connects through API, XML or Data feed to easily start the consolidation process.

Data Profiles

Once data points are connected to the OmniData engine, we will work with you to setup user profiles and start associating key data metrics.


With better data along with your conjoined systems, you can now personalize your marketing strategies and offerings to your customers.

Devices and Analytics

Utilize any device to include location and other data points for personalized real-time notifications and preference-based amenities and events.

Custom Designed





Easily integrate your marketing strategy

Connect and Consolidate your Data

  • Connect existing systems from Oracle to Salesforce.
  • Build data and unique number profiles for better data sets.
  • Personalize data and information increase Retargeting responses.
  • Find new ways to categorize and understand travelers and guests needs.
  • Expand marketing email list and ensure better targeted information.
  • Omniexperience, Your Business Ally

    Through sensory and interactive solutions, we focus on the ‘One-to-One’ relationship that helps your customer identify with your brand. We do this with the core idea that, consistent and unique experiences connect and inspire customers.
    We connect your systems through our Omnichannel platform, to provide easy integrated, centralized software and hardware solutions on property and in-destination.

    Platform, Kiosk, Digital Display, Mobile Apps/ PWA, Hardware and Integrations.

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