Omni Local Connect

Local connect Community and Employee Portal

Build your own social network that allows you to engage members, guests and visitors.Allow your users to communicate through groups, events and one on one.Connect locals with visitors and incentivize these groups to communicate through rewards and ways to drive increased social belonging.

Branded Community Portal

Custom built to drive deep engagement through local and social experiences.With the ability to be integrated into Mobile, Web, Apps, and Touchscreens.The next generation of internal engagement allows employees to belong to groups post information relevant to the company or directly to an individual.

App, Touch, and Web

Connect directly to existing app or web products with simple SDK’s or API’s.Integrate to existing brand and marketing strategies with open source tools.Connect to Omni, WordPress or 100’s of other CMS tools.

Discussions and Directories

Easy setup and customization of communication tools by integrating activity feeds and easy ways for both staff and guest to communicate.Provide new ways to organize your key touchpoint and provide new ways to allow people to express themselves while building deeper engagement.

Events and Ticketing

Integrated calendar and events allowing you to drive more awareness and new ways to keep guest and visitors up to date.Build in new ways of RSVP, Reservations and Ticket sales.Provide new incentives and options to encourage involvement and let your users know who is going to be attending with them.


Easily build reports to learn more about your visitor guest and employees wants needs and desires.Provide next generation of tools to build an understanding of how customer truly perceive the investments you make and know what people really want.