Kiolytics© Offers the world’s first full-featured analytics suite specifically built for interactive kiosks and touchscreen displays. This solution provides a rich user interface with simple, yet powerful data visualizations for tracking sessions, screen views, events and actions, and demographic data such as age, ethnicity, and gender (captured from facial recognition cameras).

Easy implementation

Allowing custom 1st Party data collection for both behavior and demographic recognition.Built to capture data online and offline to ensure engagement happens between unique users and connection interruptions.


Simple cloud-based interface lets you access key metrics 24×7. With a customized interface that tracks and allows easy reporting and connection points by touch or kiosk location.

Demographic recognition

Built into Kiolytics is integrated camera ready demographic recognition solution.Allowing you to install or use on any existing media player or PC.With instant tracking and reporting directly to the Kiolytics dashboard.

People Count

Complete camera based solution that integrates into any kiosk, digital display or facility. Easily track foot traffic or how many people engage with signage or digital displays.Provide real time tracking in the Kiolytics dashboard.

Smart City Ready

With open source coding, SDK’s and easy integration API’s we can integrate into any key data point such as outdoor kiosk and displays.Allowing key metrics such as Traffic monitoring, Smog reporting and much more.Need a custom solution and central tracking system Kiolytics can help.