Guest Book and Survey

Guest Book and Survey

Integrated and Gamified data capture and engagement tools across the Omnichannel.

Get rid of the paper and upgrade to an interactive Guestbook that rewards visitors and guests and lets them explore the globe of existing signers. Connect to our robust survey module and provide questionnaire by location or navigation.

Your Solutions Gamified

Convert captured 2 paper-based information to digital, and drive better and timely data for travelers.

Provide a fun and interesting mean for travelers to log and connect their experience at your visitor center.

Enable analytics to understand data capture effectiveness and learn more about preferences.

Integrated survey options allow you customize questions and capture data real time.

Easily integrate rewards and incentives into branded survey solutions across any device.

Build and schedule surveys by location, time of year and more through easy to use platform.

Custom Designed





Easily integrate your marketing strategy

Build your data capture strategy

  • – Replace paper sign in books and provide fun way to learn about your guests and visitors.
  • – Integrate all data capture directly to your CRM or customer profiles.
  • – Branded interface lets you customize the experience and connect your data points.
  • – Global survey manager lets you control questions and changes through the cloud.
  • – Connect your surveys and build custom surveys on fly for events or other key areas of research.
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    Through sensory and interactive solutions, we focus on the ‘One-to-One’ relationship that helps your customer identify with your brand. We do this with the core idea that, consistent and unique experiences connect and inspire customers.
    We connect your systems through our Omnichannel platform, to provide easy integrated, centralized software and hardware solutions on property and in-destination.

    Platform, Kiosk, Digital Display, Mobile Apps/ PWA, Hardware and Integrations.

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