Driving New Revenue Points through Digital Signage Network

How do you Create your own Digital Signage Network?

Setting your Objectives and Expectations

Digital displays and signages offer a lot of advantages both for the merchant and its target market. Here are some of its known features:

  1. Allows real-time content update
  2. Reduces carbon footprint
  3. Opens an additional revenue stream for the merchant through advertising spaces
  4. Provides relevant customer information
  5. Lessens transaction or waiting times
  6. Reduces health risk due to less-to-no human contact.

Once your objectives are set and you already have your goals for implementing this solution, you must take into account your allocated budget. Implementing series of kiosks should connect to your systems, and once the first one is built the other will reduce signiviataly in cost.

Choosing the right technology company that can implement basic to advanced feature can differentiate you from all the rest of your competitors. Some of the known features that you may want to take advantage of:

  1. Integration of your current CMS/CRM, PoS and more
  2. Customized Design based on your branding
  3. Easy backend content update, integrates to existing systems
  4. Real-time analytics for Customer data references and more
  5. Extended modules such as Ticketing, Loyalty Rewards, and Coupon

Finding the Perfect Locations

After choosing the right software that would complement your preferred features, your next priority is to ensure these digital units are located to where your target market is. Usually, kiosks are placed in:

  1. High-traffic areas
  2. Outdoor locations where navigation and information is need
  3. Hotel or Visitor center lobbies, concierges’ services and more

Ensure that you consider these locations as well as the hardware’s capability to adapt to certain weather conditions or any other form of usage requirements. Note that some unit needs to follow particular handling in order to function to its fullest extent.

As travel destinations continue to innovate, today is definitely the time to invest in the right products and services. If you are a destination looking for an experienced technology firm that can implement Omnichannel services you can freely contact us  [email protected] and we will have a strategist to help you with your goals and vision.