Discover Palm beaches

Known for their historic attractions, mansions, landmarks, and 5-star resorts, Palm beach is definitely your getaway destination if you are looking to relax and learn! Discover the Palm Beaches Convention Center is just 3 miles away from the Palm Beach International Airport, making it easy for the travelers to learn more about what to do next if they still haven’t planned any yet.

Key Goal:

Palm Beach County wanted to look at a deeper digital engagement strategy in both the airport, visitor center, and convention center. The key was the reduction in paper, better mapping, and navigation for arriving visitors, and ways to connect with events and local businesses. With the growth of their travelers, Discover the Palm Beaches believe that they need to incorporate a more sophisticated way to entertain and answer their visitor’s questions. Some of their goals are:

  • Educate visitors from the moment they set foot in Palm Beach Airport through a kiosk or a touch device
  • Share visitors what’s nearby – shops, dining options, attractions, and more
  • Be able to easily update the backend system and integrate with their current CRM
  • Allow visitors to have a more flexible plan through itinerary options
  • Be able to gather visitor data
  • Provide an additional stream of revenue, drive value for advertisers


OmniExperience was able to provide strategically placed kiosks to ensure visitor engagement along with integration with current CRM systems for real-time updated information.

With easy control through OmniPlatform, each location had Geo based information and a key focus on What’s Nearby. We deployed 2 42’ kiosks – one located at the Palm Beach International Airport and one at the lobby of the visitor center. Each Kiosk easily shares information via text and email so guests can find where to go, get recommendations, and easily track and engage the minute they land.

Here are some of the key elements of the solution

Core Functionality:

  • Custom-design kiosk built to drive brand awareness
  • Easier Local navigation through Interactive Mapping & What’s Nearby
  • Preset and custom itineraries for visitors to use and transfer to their mobile phones as they plan their trip ahead
  • Integrated and easy-to-update Event listings, descriptions, location, hours, and contact details
  • Digital guestbook module to obtain customer data for future references
  • Custom kiosk analytics for real-time data gathering of visitor’s information
  • Advertising and awareness options, to drive revenue and experience
  • Installation, Training, and 24/7 remote support