Discover Long Island

Discover Long Island features an all-year-round festivities, events, and travel attraction that’s meant for solo to family travelers. Indulge in the city’s famous beaches, mouth-watering cuisines, rich history and lots of other activities. With easy access to New York as well as the famous beaches of Hamptons’ and more, Discover Long Island will surely cover all your travel goals.

Key Goal:

Remodel an aging visitor center inside the current Airport. The key was to drive a more connected brand experience and meet travelers with a digital footprint when landing or connecting.
Since technology has always been the go-to of most travelers, they looked for a solution that could reduce paper and provide new ways of sharing and expand in the future to other locations. Here are some of the features that they were looking for:

  • New visitor booth design with key digital signage and interactive screens
  • Be able to share what’s nearby – whether it be restaurants, attractions, or just any local businesses that are related to their travel
  • Provide information on Discover Long Island’s current and upcoming events
  • Be able to easily update the backend system with their current CRM
  • Boost brand awareness in marketing strategy through photo sharing on social media
  • Be able to gather visitor data for future use


OmniExperience helped Discover Long Island’s team conceptualize an open floor plan within the currently allocated space. Connecting them with interior designers that set structure and requirements for the first phase. Providing the right sized hardware and solutions while understanding the requirements of the airport to ensure a smooth implementation. Omni worked with discover Long Island to implement a whole new level of service by providing information and entertainment to all incoming visitors. Here are some of the features that have been incorporated:

Core Functionality:

  • Custom-design 32’ kiosk built to drive brand awareness and engagement
  • Mapping feature to show new and existing visitors all the places to visit and attractions nearby
  • Integration with their current CMS – Simpleview, for easier backend updates
  • Photo booth module which allows visitors to take a picture in front of the kiosk and share it to their social
    media platform with Discover long Island’s hashtag
  • Event integration to help visitors engage and plan where to go while in destination
  • Digital Signage 55’ screen for social, event, and attraction awareness
  • Options for future advertising and ways to generate revenue through each screen
  • Custom kiosk analytics for real-time data gathering of visitor’s information
  • Installation, Training, and 24/7 remote support