DI Visitor Services Summit September 2018

Visitor Center Tech questions from Break Out Session:

Below is a recap of notes and conversation had during the session, feel free to share with attendees and let us know how we can help drive any value, based on what we have seen and experienced.

1. Should we use iPads, Monterey shared their experience with iPads and some other challenges:

  • a. We pulled iPads out of the center for none use
  • b. Kiosk didn’t get used
  • c. People continue to want paper
  • d. People continue to want human interaction
  • e. Translation is a common problem

OMNI Input:

  • Not all touchscreen software solutions are created equal, check that you have engaging and up to date interface
  • iPads do not attract visitors, we have found, mostly because consumers have them at home so the interest in approaching is not high
    • We recommend 22’ or larger screen, and engaging connection to what user can do on the screen buy tickets, events, etc.
    • Location is also important make sure you put screens in high traffic area
    • Train visitor staff on how to use map or help customer share information through digital
  • Other features that can drive value
    • Provide translation of languages

2. How to increase data capture

  • a. Surveys – using iPads or separate systems
  • b. Use Simpleview forms to allow data to go into CRM- requires internet
  • c. People count- some system that just do general count are not accurate (Something count, for basic people count)
  • d. Look at people count and demographic/facial recognition

OMNI input:

  • Surveys need to be engaging or incentivized to increase interactions. Using them as part of a deeper interface providing other interaction points can help.
  • Guestbooks with interactive components can increase engagement and overall data capture. Understanding who is using the touchscreen, and how they are using it
  • Photobooth provides great ways to get visitors to interact and provides great data capture and information, consider peppering questions throughout the experience
  • CRM Intgration all surveys and systems should be able to integrate with CRM or centralized database
  • People Count There are new advancements in people count through camera-based technology, to allow more accurate read of people coming into the center as well as understanding Age, Gender and Ethnicity.
    • Omni Faces – Camera and demographic recognition
  • https://omniexperience.com/extensions

3. How are you using digital displays or video walls –

  • a. Ways to push more types of content in the center
  • b. Extend out to airports and other high traffic areas
  • c. How to introduce revenue service ads
  • d. What advertising is not allowed

OMNI input:

  • Digital Display and Videowalls drive engagement and experience the systems available now will allow you to pull content from your website, events and social
  • Social UGC and Events are a great way to connect the center with marketing and brand, system like Omni display or others can help you
  • Advertising can be pushed to these screens from website or systems like DTN and Google DFP.
  • CRM Intgration all surveys and systems should be able to integrate with CRM or centralized database
  • Adsyou can always use digital display system to use this space to promote partners, events etc. so it doesn’t have to be monetized

4. Ticketing options and working solutions

  • a. Who has had successful ticketing options
  • b. Any suggestion on ticketing systems
  • c. Viator
  • d. Once There
  • e. Bandwango

OMNI Input:

  • Viator ticketing by Trip Advisor is now Kiosk and Mobile friendly and allows centers to grow revenue. See Omni Tickets
  • Once There has iPad solution but will be working with OMNI to build kiosk solution by early next year
    • City pass and other types of passes can be used as well, simply package them together
    • You can also use wireless printer to print out tickets in the center.
  • Bandwango is more complicated solution they provide many options to integration through mobile however they do not have a kiosk or touch based product currently, ticketing is a small part of what they do. Great for custom tickets or creating campaigns

5. How are you using Apps or Mobile –

  • a. How to provide digital tools to traveling visitors
  • b. Utilizing Beacon for trails and notifications

OMNI Input:

  • Apps can be key to allow visitors to take information with them as they leave the center
    • With OMNI solutions any interaction such as itinerary builders or information can built at the center then accessed through mobile web or app, I know of know other companies that do this
  • Digitizing the visitor guide into mobile is popular with added features for engagement and details, also great way to generate Ad revenue
  • Scavenger hunts to Interactive trails (Ale Trails) virtual passports and great ways to drive data capture and engagement
  • Beacons or GEO fencing allows you to send messages to app or mobile users as well can be engaged through GEO fencing notifications as well as Beacons which allow users to use Bluetooth and work offline without connecting to data services keeping costs low for visitors and engagement high
  • https://omniexperience.com/products/omnimobile

6. How to get Marketing team involved –

  • a. What are main values for marketing

OMNI Input:

  • Touch and Display solutions
    • Easily integrate web-based content and social, use revenue options and drive more traffic to tourism website.
    • Provide better data for email and online marketing and engage stakeholders with timely information and better overall data
    • Store all marketing data in CRM and use analytics to help marketing understand the visitor better.