If you are looking for water-driven activities, shopping, and a wide array of food for you to try, then you must be on your way to Dana Point. 7.5 miles of coastline would benefit you to enjoy different activities like fishing, surfing, kayaking, and more. Be prepared to take your friends and family for some great hiking trails or just enjoy the great view while whale watching.

Key Goal:

Dana point offers multiple activities for visitors to choose from and having said that, just like every other destination, they are looking to make it easier for future and current travelers to plan and engage with nature. What more could be handier for travelers than to find an app that can easily be downloaded to provide mapping and local information? So, the city of Dana Point decided to find a mobile app that can work with their goals and visions.

Here are some of the goals the features that they were looking for:

  • Be able to share what’s nearby – whether it be restaurants, attractions, or just any local businesses around the City of Dana Point
  • Be able to navigate, check-in and connect with different trails and attractions
  • Integration with their current CMS/CRM for easier back-end updates
  • Allow visitors to log in and be able to manage more personalized ways to connect to the destination
  • Be able to learn more about visitor’s for future marketing and feature use cases


OmniExperience was able to provide a mobile solution that integrates with the City of Dana Point’s data and content. Allowing for easy updates and real-time content through one easy-to-use OmniPlatform direct to visitors. The key feature was to also provide hiking and beach trails to help visitors know the best places to go and see an on-demand map of the beach. Both iOS and Android were launched to allow notifications and new ways to connect with everything from local attractions to parking. OmniExperience worked with Dana Point to launch an all-in-one app that contains the following features:

Core Functionality:

  • Branded and Custom-user experience
  • Trolley tracker real-time route and schedule information
  • Interactive beach trails and check-in points to connect to social
  • Integration with their current CMS to easily update content, real-time
  • Loyalty options with FB/Google login availabilities
  • Member and Partner listings with the click-to-call and click-to map-options
  • Easier Local navigation through Interactive Mapping with Google integration
  • Event listings, restaurants, attractions, shopping centers, parks, coastal access points, surf lines, and even service requests.
  • Mobile analytics for real-time data gathering of visitor’s usage and login information
  • 24/7 remote support