Chatbots empowering Millennial Travel Experience

Flight and hotel bookings have now gone fully digital through technological advancements to help empower millennial travel experience. One of Nielsen’s report in 2017 indicated that “unlike the previous generations, the travel industry will need to shift in order to cater to the millennial’s unique preferences and lack of predictability.” This evaluation helped improve not only the digital travel experience but the customer journey as a whole.

Travelers no longer have to be on-site to book rooms, tours and flights. The power of OTAs have conveniently saved time, energy, and money. Expedia’s research advised that before even booking a trip, consumers visit an average of 38 websites, therefore digital travel marketing has to be really focused on customer’s experience. Although visiting the website allows them to see options, there will always be times when they require further information through interaction. In fact, Live Chat Statistics 2019 shows that 79% of consumers long for live chats as this provides instant response. The same research also states that live chat has the highest consumer satisfaction rate at 92%.

Chatbots are one of the most efficient ways to provide direct, on-point communication narrowing and targeting the user’s specific interest. These are user-friendly solution that helps cover enormous number of user inquiries through an automated program simulating human conversation. In the travel industry, chatbots are seen to be effective in handling a wide range of tasks essential in helping consumers, especially millennials, progress in their customer journey.
Common and top uses of Chatbots include

  1. Manage bookings/Travel assistance

    Travel chatbots can help thoroughly on customer inquiries as well as the actual process of booking the airline tickets, hotel reservation, tour packages, home and car rentals. Big brands like Expedia and allows convenient sending of itineraries to a user’s email address or phone number which truly helps ease up the process for the consumer.

  2. Customer Care

    Travel chatbots can also help in post-booking management such as check-in notifications, boarding passes and flight updates. Another case use is baggage tracking as this is one of the most frustrating scenarios any traveler could have. Chatbots can easily provide updates on the whereabouts of your luggage and even allow easy responses via Facebook Messenger or other messaging platforms.

  3. Manage Expenses

    After booking, the next thing to do for a consumer would be receipt management. Some travel bots help gather receipts and could even advance into compiling or easy sharing options with your cloud services/storage areas.

    Travelers from all over the world need assistance that not all companies can provide through regular customer services. 1.4 billion people, mostly millennials, are now utilizing chatbots on a regular basis as chatbots can answer 80% of consumer questions. This saves time and money for companies who get the same query over and over when an actual pre-defined chatbot system can answer for you simultaneously, anywhere all around the globe. The rise of the travel chat bots is now no longer just an option, but indeed a way to stay a step ahead for your visitors.

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