Breckenridge, from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, is best known for their available year-round adventures – most especially during the snow season! From skiing to fishing, biking to hiking, Breck offers a total of 187 amazing trails spread across their five huge peaks.

Apart from Breck’s world class activities, this Colorado’s old Victorian mining town is also famous for their rich histories: buildings, legends, festivals, stories and characters.


Breck is aiming to build an In-Destination strategy to provided a higher level of digital communication for their over 3 million visitors a year. They are looking for ways to drive sustainability, ease of navigation and connection options to the businesses and events the destination has to offer through kiosk & mobile.

Key goals:

  • Continuously provide visitor information while reducing carbon footprints .
  • Provide digital visitor tools inside and outside the center.
  • Provide a tickets solution through both kiosk and app.
  • Increase visitor data and drive member value.


Omniexperience partners with Go Breck to provide a full Omni-channel solution, integrating informational Kiosks, Digital Displays and Mobile application to connect brand and visitor tools. The solution considered implementation of Google data, Events, Ticketing and bus tracker solution to connect all visitor tools and drive convenience, data, and revenue.

Core functionality:

  • Omni Platform – Easily create and manage content across kiosk, mobile, display while integrating with existing systems to allow deeper brand connections.
  • Bus tracker – Provide visitors mobile access to transportation options, real time bus schedules to engage visitors, skiers, and adventurers to drive sustainability.
  • Itinerary Builder – Allow guests to engage with visitor staff, and create custom itineraries that can be shared from kiosk to their mobile while they explore the destination.
  • Data and Analytics – Integrated Google location, mapping and events with new ways to learn about visitor engagement through guest books and engagement tools.
  • Social and Ticketing – Engaging user-generated content and new ways to experience events. Purchase tickets, RSVPs, restaurants, and engage ratings and reviews, for possible revenue generating services.