Scottsdale, AZ. – November 10th, 2020 –OmniExperience, an Arizona based Interactive Experience hardware and software platform company, announces its newest health check kiosk solution, True Access™. True Access™ provides contactless temperature checks and mask detection for any business or event facility. The OmniExperience platform will easily allow you to make on the fly changes by giving you the ability to manage all your content and visuals, directions, policies, schedule updates and notifications on your kiosk or any existing hardware. Securely allow visitors and employees to enter your premises without having to worry about the spread of infection by initiating an essential first step. True Access follows a secured communication through web, kiosk or mobile. Our system is HIPPA Compliant so we take pride in being able to integrate with health information technology companies and EMR systems.

True Access™ is a health kiosk created to provide a full contactless solution for users by utilizing their personal mobile phones, connecting to on-premise temperature checks through kiosks. The users will be able to answer the mandated health questions via their mobile phone and scan the QR code to initiate the temperature scan. This process is automated and would not need any of the users to touch the screen while reducing any possible spread of diseases. True Access™ comes in both 15in and 22in kiosks and provides different mounting options depending on what fits best for your organization. These health check kiosks come in wall-mount, standing and the tabletop version for both sizes.
“As we dedicate ourselves to better contactless and interactive solutions, we wanted to ensure our customers had options to secure and improve the health and safety of their employees and visitors.   We understand the impact COVID-19 has had on the travel industry and we pride ourselves in doing our part to help welcome back customers and guests,” said Douglas Ralston, CEO of OmniExperience.

About OmniExperience:

OmniExperience is a progressive SaaS-based digital experience solution provider, focused on new ways to communicate both virtually and on-property. By utilizing the OmniPlatform, organizations can extend self-service and new frictionless ways for customers to engage in driving revenue, convenience, efficiency and new health and safety options across their organization and the omnichannel.