Scottsdale, AZ. – July 20th, 2020 – OmniExperience, a Scottsdale, AZ-based interactive experiences platform company, has announced its newest module that provides exclusive deals and coupon integration by booking. Fully integrated into existing PMS, CRM or other systems allowing hotels to digitize the entire couponing process. Accessible through mobile or interactive kiosks, OmniDeals helps reduce cost, paper and provides a more manageable experience with both staff and guests.

With OmniDeals, hotels can easily assign coupon books by reservation and provide redemption options both on property and off. With advanced tracking and analytics hotels can now track which guests redeem which coupons and ensure the coupons are only used once or by time stamp. Easily integrate with current PMS, CRM or OmniData solutions providing options for automated updates, scheduling and connections to specific guests and reservations.

After working with our hotel and HMS partners, we realized the need for automated coupon management. The fact was managing coupon books at front desk, F&B having to provide credits after the fact and hotel management not knowing what was being used gave our team the motivation to solve this problem. “We are very pleased to announce this module on behalf of our customers and also to help provide another option for guest protection while improving overall guest experience”. Said Doug Ralston CEO of OmniExperience.

OmniDeals – Digital coupon manager, increase guest safety, convenience, help staff and provide exclusive discounts and perks based on booking, location or membership.

Some of the key features of the OmniDeals module:

  • Convert your paper coupon books to digital
  • Integrate with your PMS to associate coupons by booking
  • Control frequency and usage of coupons by date or redemption
  • Use Coupons to help upgrade bookings and drive revenue
  • Provide integration to your existing app or upgrade to OmniMobile
  • Access coupons through OmniPlatform- updates, passwords and reporting
  • Complete analytics, reporting and redemption reports
  • Optional Mobile Services include, Mobile Check in, Mobile Key and Mobile food ordering

About OmniExperience:

Omniexperience works with over 300 destinations and hotels around the world. Providing turnkey omnichannel solutions through integrated software and hardware. Giving customer a single middleware connection point to deploy Kiosks, Digital Signage and Mobile. For further information about Omniexperience, please visit