Scottsdale, AZ. May 28th, 2020 OmniExperience, a Scottsdale, AZ-based interactive experiences platform company, has announced its newest module to help with decreasing spread of disease and increasing sustainability options for any visitor center, hotel, or location that hands out brochures.

OmniBrochure, is a Kiosk, Web, and Mobile-based module that allows any organizations to upload digital versions or copies of existing brochures directly to the OmniPlatform. Allowing easy organization and category management with the added digital swipe and flip functionality to view brochures.

With OmniBrochure module, organizations can think of new ways to manage the thousands of brochures sent out on paper, and still provide all the features and marketing capability vendors and customers like about paper brochures. The key component here is better sustainability practices.  reduction of paper consumption and overall time used to manage brochures and flyers.

Some of the key features of the OmniBrochure module:

  • Upload any existing brochure
  • Easy brochure management through cloud-based systems
  • Easily add, remove or update brochures
  • Provide new ways for users to share and engage through mobile devices
  • Highly improved analytics, tracking real numbers of the amount of viewers
  • Provide new options for couponing and redemption engagement
  • Provide actual engagement numbers
  • Reduce stress and headache of management
  • Decreases the ability to transfer infections disease